Hardscapes Are the Bedrock of an Attractive Landscaped Yard

A well-landscaped front and backyard offers many benefits to enhance your lifestyle. You can create an outdoor environment where you love to sit and relax, cook and entertain friends. An attractive front yard is important to enhance the curb appeal of your home and all if these features will increase the value of your home. If you don’t have time to water, weed, fertilize and trim a garden, hardscapes may be the answer. You can use the most beautiful landscape rocks Las Vegas has to offer to create your garden.

What Are Hardscapes?

Hardscapes are the hard surfaces used in landscaping. These may include paving stones, gravel or river stone pathways and boulders in a decorative display. Some types of outdoor furniture is also considered hardscape, including stone benches, fire pits and barbecue grills. Natural Las Vegas stone may be used to create retaining walls, define flowerbeds or a complete outdoor kitchen.

Decorative Hardscapes

While most hardscapes have a decorative element, some are purely decorative. They are not essential for walkways or retaining walls. They may include fountains, waterfalls and ponds. The sound of falling water is considered relaxing in an outdoor environment and small ponds are good habitats for certain water plants and even fish.

Large boulders are one of the most popular hardscape feature in the Las Vegas area. The natural rock comes in a variety of colors and can be arranged to resemble wonderful rock formations.

Rocks and Hardscapes Should Be Professionally Installed

Since hardscapes don’t drain water as easily as lawn or bare soil, they need to be properly placed to drain water away from the foundation of your house. Even in the desert there is rain and if you have some plants, they will need to be watered at times. To avoid water infiltration in your basement and creating a damp environment for insects, the water needs channels through which it can drain away. These issues are easily solved by professional landscapers, and the result is a super-attractive garden.