Have a Showcase Home With a Decorative Rock Garden

There is a huge variety of decorative rock Las Vegas has to offer. Flagstones, boulders, pavers and landscaping rocks are collected from all around the Southwest. You can express your artistic skills or have the rocks placed by professional landscape artists.

Rocks Are Versatile

Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements of landscaping. It adds texture to break up large spaces, provides contrast to please the eye and is very durable with little or no maintenance required. Rocks come in a variety of colors. You may choose white to add light to a shady place and a golden color to add warmth around a patio. Your rock garden will last for years, so it’s important to consider all the options and know what exterior appearance you would like to achieve.

Pavers and Flagstones

Natural stone in Las Vegas may also take the form of pavers and flagstones. These are an attractive way to make a pathway without concrete. Pavers can have a rustic appearance called tumbled or a smooth and polished appearance. The color can match your existing hardscapes, or you can use them as a centerpiece for your whole garden plan. One nice thing about flagstones is they automatically provide a vintage look, if you want the old fashioned appearance of an English-style garden. Manufactured paving stones are another option. They resemble natural stone but cost less and are regular shaped to create a contemporary appearance in your yard.

Boulders are an amazing feature for a home. Most people don’t have attractively arranged boulders in their yards that are put there by nature, but with rocks from professional landscapers in Las Vegas, you can have rock formations that look both attractive and natural.

Save Water

Rocks as part of any garden reduce the amount of water needed to keep the garden attractive. This makes Las Vegas rock landscaping a great way to reduce energy bills, conserve a natural resource and reduce your carbon footprint.