How to Make the Perfect Garden in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a dry climate that makes it hard for many people to grow the gardens that they could in other cities or states. That does not mean you can only grow cacti though. There are lots of plants that thrive in the desert, including certain types of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Before you start planting though, you can gather the right materials and learn what your garden needs.

Gardening Tools and Supplies

No matter what you want to grow in your garden, you need to have some gardening tools and supplies on hand. Pruning shears have sharp blades and let you cut away dead spots from plants, while a shovel makes digging in the ground and making holes for new plants easier. If your ground is especially sandy or lacks the nutrients that plants need, you can opt for container gardening instead. Self-watering containers will automatically feed the plants with the right amount of water based on the water you add to the base.

Materials for Gardens

When choosing flagstones Las Vegas gardeners often pick lighter and more neutral colors of stone that will match their outdoor landscaping. These stones can work like edge pieces to differentiate between areas in your garden and are also great for creating outlines around raised flower beds. You can use the stones to make a walkway through your garden too. Brick pavers may look nice in your garden, but some will prefer using concrete pavers or even wood logs.

Best Plants

The best plants for Las Vegas gardens are hearty plants that thrive in sunlight and do not require lots of water. Lettuce, kale and similar plants appeal to those who love salads, but you can also grow gardens and other types of gourds. Onions, potatoes, peas and tomatoes will also grow in Vegas. These plants combined with other materials and supplies can help you build an amazing garden.