Outdoor artwork adds beauty to your property and provides a customized touch to your landscape. Paving stones can be used to create intricate patio spaces with designs such as a mandala.

How to Make a Mandala Patio with Paving Stones

While paving stones are typically used to create paths and patios in common shapes such as a rectangle, square or a hexagon, with occasional arches for visual interest, these squares of concrete can also be used to create more intricate designs, such as mandalas. A mandala is a symmetric design that features many colors and shapes of different sizes, all centered on a circle. With pavers from Las Vegas, you can create a patio worthy of a spot in an art magazine.

Choosing a Design and Colors

To get the best results, spend some time creating your mandala design on paper before setting out to build the patio with the paving stones. You could use a computer program or some graph paper to make sketches and try out colors. Get some color samples of different shades of pavers. The more intricate your design, the longer it will take to build the finished patio space.

Filling in the Circle

Do not overthink your mandala artwork. In many cases, simpler is better. If your patio will be large, such as more than 20 feet in diameter, you may want to stick with pavers that are at least one square foot in length. The center of your mandala could be filled with angular shapes such as squares, diamonds and triangles. On the other hand, abstractly shaped pavers could be used, with other types of stone used to fill in the spaces between them.

Placing the Mandala

The usual process of preparing the soil will be required before making your mandala patio. Due to the labor-intensive process of preparing the area and laying the stones, you may not want to undertake this project on your own. Use your sketch as a working guide. When laying the stones, start at the center and work outward in concentric rings to ensure the symmetry works out in the way you intended.