Turn Landscape Rocks into Backyard Works of Art

Landscape rocks often serve as an integral part of a desert backyard design, but simply spreading rock across the ground may not achieve the distinctive look that you want your yard to have. To set your yard apart from the crowd, consider arrangements that will turn your landscape rocks into outdoor works of art.

Mark off Areas of Your Yard with Rocks

For a distinctive landscape design, consider partitioning your yard into areas. Landscape rocks can help mark off these divisions. For example, a stone border around each element provides visual cues that the yard is more than just one large, open space. Place one border around the pool, another around the patio and a third around your kids’ play area.

At the same time that this helps divide up your yard, it also can also lend a sense of unity. If you use the same type of rock for each border, it helps create a cohesive design.

Create a River of Rocks

Although you might not use real water in your desert backyard design, you can use landscape rocks to create the illusion of water. Start by tracing a winding, river-shaped path in one area of your yard. Ask your landscaping professional to fill the inside of the path with a dark shade of landscape rocks. To complete this landscape rock design, use a contrasting shade of rocks to fill the area outside the winding path.

Establish a Rock Garden

If maintaining backyard plants isn’t your thing, you can set up a rock garden instead. Using landscape rocks in Las Vegas is a smart way to create an eye-pleasing backyard design without worrying about keeping plants alive. The first step is to spread small landscape rocks over a large area. Then, additional rocks can be added as visual elements. For example, your landscaping team might recommend using a large boulder or a standing pile of rocks in varied sizes.