To improve the look of your lawn, you might plant unique kinds of fauna, put in water features, and more — but decorative rocks can have just as much effect for half the cost.

Creative Uses for Decorative Rocks

If you want to improve the look of your yard, there’s no better way than through decorative rocks. Rocks appeal to something deep and primal within everyone; the bare stone of the earth, the building blocks of our planet give a yard a sense of purpose that a fountain or a flowerbed doesn’t. Here are a few creative ways to use them in your design.

Build a Sundial

Using large, natural rocks to create a sundial in your lawn not only gives your lawn a focal point, but it creates an interesting conversation starter. Guests will be sure to ask what the purpose of the sundial is, and it can be an interesting way to tell the time when you’re out having a backyard barbecue.

Yard Bridge

The best way to draw attention to a flowerbed is to accent it in some way. Rather than just using pavers to build a wall around the flowerbed, why not build a yard bridge? An arrangement of stones set up in just the right way can be an excellent addition to your yard, and a great way to bring visitor’s eyes to the flowerbed underneath.


Many people use cobblestone for their driveways, but lining it with large boulders ensures no one strays from the path and gives a sense of elegance to the home. Just make sure to space them far enough apartment that you can access your lawn if necessary! You don’t want to inadvertently hem everyone into the driveway.

No matter what you end up using decorative stones for, make sure to get the best ones available. There are a number of vendors of decorative rock in Las Vegas. Take the time to evaluate your options and then decide exactly what would best suit your style and your landscape.