Traditionally, flagstones have been used to create a flat surface for a patio, but there are other wonderful ways to incorporate these rocks into your space as well.

Imaginative Ways to Use Flagstones in Landscape Design

When you think about using flagstones in Las Vegas area yard, you may think about using these large, flat rocks to create a patio area. They are well suited for this type of design idea, but they can also be used for other creative projects. In fact, with a closer look at how they can be used, you may feel inspired to begin updating your yard with flagstones.

Stair Steps and Terracing

If you have a gently sloping lawn, you may have been looking for a way to make the space more functional. You generally do not think about using flagstones for terracing, but they can be used as the capstones at the top of a terracing or retaining wall with gorgeous results. This works best for a yard with nominal terracing rather than large retaining walls. You can also use the flagstones as flat surfaces for stair steps along a pathway or walkway.

Gorgeous Pathways

There are several creative ways to incorporate flagstones into a pathway as well. For example, you can use flagstones entirely as the only surface on a walkway. You can also incorporate pea-sized rocks and pebbles into a pathway, and you can use flagstones spaced intermittently throughout the area as stepping-stones. Both can create a gorgeous look that adds a touch of natural charm to your space.

Getting Other Ideas

If you have decided that you may want to use flagstones in your yard, you may be wondering if there are other ideas that may work well for your space. You can get ideas by reviewing a landscaping website or by viewing a design magazine. Often, speaking with a hardscaping specialist is also a smart idea to get personalized information and customized ideas.