When paired with decorative rock and a little planning, desert trees and flowers can create vibrant, yet peaceful landscapes. If you’re just starting out with planting in the Nevada climate, here are few beautiful desert flowers to keep in mind.

Texas Rangers

You see their mint green and purple color along neighborhood roadways everywhere, because they’re resilient and easy to maintain. They love the heat, and will bloom off and on with soft purple flowers during the warm months.

Texas Sage (Cenizo)

Photo credit: micklpickl


Several varieties of Acacia tree provide an assortment of options for you to choose from. Ranging from tall and willowy (Shoestring Acacia) to short and shrub-like (Catclaw and Whitethorn), all are drought resistant and produce puffy, often fragrant yellow blooms throughout midwinter into spring.

Acacia tree yellow puff blooms

Photo credit: grace_kat

Palo Verdes

The Palo Verde tree gets its name from its distinctive green trunk. The crossbred Desert Museum Palo Verde has boomed in popularity across the Southwest and even Southern California because it is fast growing, thorn less, and has a longer bloom season than other varieties.

Photo credit: wlcutler


The Lantana is a family of low maintenance, evergreen flower plants which bloom in nearly every color you could want. Extremely versatile, Lantana work well in perennial borders, pots, edging or hanging baskets. They attract butterflies and will make your beautiful garden even more colorful.

Butterfly Enjoying The Lantana On A Warm Summer Day ...

Photo credit: ruthalice43