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Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a desert landscape makeover. Adding rocks is an organic way to enhance the look of your yard, conserve water, and provide rain and erosion control. Not only are they extremely beneficial, landscape rocks also add texture and contrast to your landscaping while maintaining a natural look and feel. Not to mention, you don’t have to have a green thumb to pull off this beautiful look.

1. Create A Dry River Bed decorative rocks

A dry river bed is a creative, visually-pleasing option for managing your property’s rainwater. Whether flash flooding is a common issue or not, dry river beds easily control rainwater, allowing it to move swiftly away from your property. They also prevent slides and help feed infiltration pits. Besides their obvious practical applications, there are many ways dry river beds create a stunning visual impact. For example, try mixing river rock with contrasting, colorful gravel.

2. Use a Decorative Boulder as a Focal Point

Defined as rocks that are at least 10 inches across, boulders may be rugged, smooth, or somewhat flat, however, it’s their size that separates them from other rocks and stones. Each geographical area features its own native boulders, such as granite, limestone, honey gold, copper rose, and moss rock.


las vegas landscape bouldersYou can also use boulders as retaining walls. For example, boulders may be utilized to create different levels if dealing with ground that is sloped or otherwise far from flat. Another way to use boulders is for erosion control. These sizable rocks can help keep soil in place if your yard has a slope or grade change. Just remember to firmly place the boulder in the ground to avoid rolling.

Boulders also work as garden accents due to their rugged, natural beauty. Stack them, create garden sculptures, or paint your house number on one and set it in your front yard. It’s also nice to plant ornamental grasses and flowers around boulders for an organic look that will blend in with the rest of your landscaping.landscape boulders las vegas

3. Use Pavers to Add Texture to Your Backyard Patio

Made of brick, concrete, or stone, patio pavers are available in a variety of colors and sizes and can be arranged in an array of gorgeous patterns.

paver installation las vegasLay fragmented stone slabs in a circular pattern for a stunning courtyard effect, or use such stones to highlight another garden feature, such as a waterfall. Fill in the space between the slabs with accent stones, sand, gravel or cement if you’re concerned about watering the grass between them.

Another option is utilizing larger rectangular pavers. Arrange them about four inches apart from one another, which blends well with transitional and modern architecture. Space them farther apart to save money!

Parsons Rocks also carries unique pavers like the Mega Arbel Pavers. These come in an easy to lay shape that piece together tightly like a puzzle to create a beautiful look.

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These are just some of the ideas for incorporating decorative rocks into your property’s landscape designs! For more ideas, please contact us at Parson’s Rocks today. 702.566.7625


Updated: 1/13/21