garden with landscaping rocksWhy Include Decorative Rocks in Your Patio Ideas?

Landscaping is an art that uses natural resources such as a wide variety of plants, water features, lawns including artificial grass, sand, gravel and rocks placed attractively around your home. In the backyard, rocks can be included in patio ideas to expand your living space, and in the front yard, it adds curb appeal to your home.

Boulders are defined as rocks that are more than 10 – 12 inches in diameter. They are large enough to define a space and be eye-catching. They bring character, texture and color to your garden, while also requiring little or no maintenance. Boulders also help you create a unique environment.

Which Rocks Suit Your Patio Ideas

The boulders you choose for your landscaping will depend on several factors. First, you need to decide why you are using boulders. Are they for a structure such as a fire pit, or are they to help fill up ground space that doesn’t need to be watered? Do you want boulders as an artistic feature or to create a natural-looking woodland?

Once you have firmed up your patio ideas, you may need to learn about the different types of boulders available. Professional landscapers will be able to guide you on size, color, shape and placement. To be cost-effective, it’s always a good idea to choose boulders from around your locality. Although if cost is not an issue, you can look for rocks from around the country.

Boulders Reduce the Effort It Takes for a Beautiful Garden

Of course, boulders don’t require water to maintain their beauty, but there are other reasons they reduce the amount of time and effort you need to put into your garden to keep it attractive. If water is your main reason, you can even add artificial grass for a green, waterless garden.

Landscape rocks change with the seasons and over the years. They sparkle when it rains and glow when they receive full sunlight. Over time, they grow moss and sprout ferns or other local grasses that only enhance their beauty. All this happens naturally, without your interference. Once you install rocks or boulders near your patio, you can forget about them except to enjoy their appearance.

Water Features for Patio Ideas

A hugely popular element of any garden, water features including fountains, ponds and waterfalls also don’t cost much since they use cycled water. Boulders are one of the best mediums for water features because they don’t change.

A single boulder can be a great option for a bubbling fountain. Water can gurgle out or spray high in the air from holes drilled into the boulder.

Ponds are fun, especially if you keep fish. You should ask a professional to ensure proper installation of the pond. But have some fun choosing boulders and smaller rocks to be a border yourself. Flowers and grass will grow around the boulders and you will have a perfect woodland pond.

Waterfalls can be big or small, but they are best when constructed with boulders. The water splashes over the rocks into a basin or pond and cycled back to splash again. Garden waterfalls provide the relaxing sound of trickling water and are mesmerizing to watch while you relax.

Reasons to Use Boulders in Your Garden

• If you decide to use Las Vegas artificial grass and boulders in your landscaping, you can say goodbye to heavy labor keeping your garden attractive.

• Large boulders have interesting shapes and colors and create tasteful focal points in a garden. You can choose one especially interestingly shaped boulder that stands alone or surround it with smaller rocks.

• To buy the exact boulders and smaller rocks you want, you should start with a plan or at least an idea of what kind of rock feature you want in your garden. A professional landscaper can help with this.

• The landscaper knows how to set the boulders into the ground and has the machines and tools to move heavy rocks. If you want a large boulder, you should realize that as much as 25 percent could be below ground level.

• Don’t be shy about selecting big boulders. They look a lot larger when you are shopping but sometimes tend to look smaller once you get them placed in your garden. As a rule-of-thumb, go larger rather than smaller.

• Consider levels such as stepping stones. This is especially important for water features, but even for a garden, rocks piled upon rocks are very attractive when done properly. If you have flat terrain, this is your chance to get varying dimensions in your yard, and if you have a hilly yard, you can make retaining walls and raised flower beds.

• No two boulders are alike, but you can get the same kind of stone for your feature if you want. Some people like to get at least one specialty rock that either resembles a sculpture or has fantastic striations of color. This makes a dramatic centerpiece in any yard as well as a conversational piece. Make sure each rock you choose is placed for maximum advantage.

• Boulders come in a surprising array of colors and you can use that to set a mood in your landscaping. Landscaping experts recommend using rocks that naturally occur in your surroundings for a more harmonious appearance. Black and white stones make a dramatic statement especially if they carry outdoors your indoor décor. Tan, yellow and red hues evoke a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere particularly when covered with moss and lichen. Gray boulders evoke the forest for a natural woodland setting.

Don’t Lose Your Beautiful Boulders at Night

Once you have created the perfect landscape with well-placed rock features, you will want to enjoy it day and night. Lighting is the key, and there are several ways lighting can be used depending on the feature. A bright spotlight may be great for a centerpiece rock formation. Ground lights that enhance the arrangements may be good for other configurations. You may also like to light up your whole patio and garden with a wide-angle floodlight to see the scene in full at any time.

If you have chosen warmer toned rocks, you may prefer a yellow-tinted light for a natural feel. Another idea is to light the features behind the boulders such as a rock wall, tree or tall shrubs.

The patio ideas featuring boulders are endless, and the best part is you can choose exactly the rocks you want to create a unique landscape that will add value and enjoyment to your home.