Using rocks and stones when decorating your yard is always a good idea. Here are a few ways that you can work pea gravel into your yard in a fun and interesting way.

Ways to Decorate Your Yard With Pea Gravel

Landscapers have been using rocks to add depth to homeowners’ yards for years. However, one type of rock that’s overlooked is pea gravel. Due to its small size, it’s hard for people to come up with creative ways to use this type of rock. Below are a few reasons why you should consider pea gravel when looking for decorative rocks in Las Vegas.

Perfect for Potted Plants

Pea gravel is the perfect complement for potted plants. It helps keep dirt down in high-traffic areas and provides a nice, level base for potted plants to sit on. Since pea gravel allows water to drain freely, potted plants can drain naturally, preventing problems such as root rot.

Pairing Pea Gravel With Larger Stones

One of the great things about pea gravel is how it varies in color naturally. This makes it a great option to pair with other large stones. The larger stones keep the pea gravel in place, while the pea gravel adds depth of color to the profile of your yard. Some landscapers even use pea gravel to fill in between large rocks to keep them from shifting.

Gravel for Play Area

One of the biggest problems with a kids play area is that the dirt underneath turns to mud when it rains. You can keep the dirt to a minimum by using pea gravel to cover the area. It doesn’t have to be replaced as often as mulch, and the National Safety Council says that small gravel helps to cushion falls. This means that falling down on the pea gravel hurts less than falling on the ground because it gives more.