A few tips to make a yard that can thrive in the desert.

The Key to a Natural Yard in Las Vegas

The hot desert air of Las Vegas is problematic for keeping a nice-looking yard. Most of the time, plants require heavy amounts of water to keep alive. The latest drought has made it almost impossible for the most common yard plants to grow. The following are a few tips to properly decorate a yard that is practical for the Las Vegas climate.


Most plants are not able to retain water well through the hot weather and with little rain. This means that a homeowner will have to water often. This alone over-inflates water bills and is not very environmentally friendly. The best way to overcome this problem is with plants that are already adapted to the hot weather. This can include aloe, cactus, and yucca. Many people avoid cacti because of their spines. There are types of cactus have been bred to make sure spines don’t grow or that they are very weak.


While a lawn looks nice, most grasses are not meant for desert conditions and will dry up quickly in the hot climate. In Las Vegas, it is becoming more common to AstroTurf a yard. This synthetic grass has been updated in recent years to look more natural. The grass is comfortable to sit on, cleans itself, and does not look at all synthetic. Most of all, it saves on a water bill and repels pests that tend to live in grass.


Due to the drought, many people have opted to get rid of a lawn altogether. In this case, one might choose to decorate a yard with stones such as lava rocks or gypsum. Flagstones in Las Vegas are becoming hugely popular. They are a great way to make a trail through a yard. They can also be cemented and interconnected to create great, non-slip decoration around a pool. In fact, flagstones can be used in conjunction with the decorations to create a perfect oasis in the desert.