Types of Plants That Thrive in a Desert Garden

Though deserts are known for being arid, dry and sandy, there are certain types of plants that can thrive in this harsh climate. Choosing the right type of plant can transform your sandy backyard into a lush oasis. The right desert-friendly plants can add beauty to your landscaping and make your home into a desert gem.

Desert-Friendly Plants: Ghost Plant Succulent

Ghost plant succulents are beautiful and low maintenance, which makes them perfect for a desert garden. The rose-like shape of Ghost plant succulents is eye-catching and can help make your garden pop. They come in many sizes and are easy to plant which makes them great for desert landscaping. They are perfect for planting around rock gardens, walkways and garden borders.

Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

Named for its vibrant colors and puffy flower shape, the Flaming Katy is a popular choice among desert gardeners. The Flaming Katy is an ideal plant for adding color to your desert backyard garden. When in bloom, the plant has long-lasting flowers that will enhance the beauty of any garden.

Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

Callistemon are affectionately known as Bottlebrush for their unique flowers that resemble bottle brushes. If you are looking for a desert friendly plant that can add a touch of southwest flair to your garden, the bottlebrush is the way to go.

Flowers are in an excellent way to beautify your landscape and make your home look lovely. All three of these desert-friendly plants are low maintenance, require little water and can survive droughts. This makes them ideal for a desert garden. Professionals can help give you the landscaping of your dreams and install artificial grass in Las Vegas.