Flagstone is a durable material that can be used in many landscaping projects to enhance the appearance of gardens, backyards and entrances to homes.

3 Ideas for Landscaping with Flagstone

Flagstone is generally a flat, sedimentary stone split into thin layers and used for many landscaping and building applications. It could contain quartz and feldspar that is cemented together with iron oxide, calcium or silica, or it may consist of sediment layers such as clay, sand or other organic sedimentary materials. The differences in the makeup of flagstone make its strength and hardness varied. Landscaping with flagstone in Las Vegas has been going on for well over a century because it can be used in many ways.

Flagstone Walkways

Walkways laid with flagstone are eye-catching enhancements to outdoor spaces and gardens, delivering a natural appearance in terms of texture and color. Flagstone walkways are durable, non-slip surfaces that can be laid in different designs such as straight or curved. The stones can also be dry laid with ground cover growing in between to create stepping stones. Other flagstone walkway designs include irregular, single color, mortared, patchwork, and milled or cut.

Flagstone Patios

Due to the narrow packed joints that allow water to filter through flagstone, it’s one of the best stones for making patios. As with walkways, it also delivers an organic, natural appearance to the outdoor area. The variety of rich colors allows homeowners to create the ambiance that they want, whether the patio is informal or formal. Limestone, sandstone and slate are the most commonly used flagstone for patios, and they can be laid in many different patterns such as random cut, random rectangle, integrated accents, irregular or large irregular.

Flagstone Driveways

Flagstone adds a sense of drama to the entrance of a home when it’s used for the driveway. Available in many shades of brown, red and blue, the spectrum makes it possible for homeowners to match the hues of their driveways with that of their homes and lifestyles. The main advantage of using flagstone over concrete or asphalt is that the color won’t fade or wash away over time, nor will it fissure or crack. Traditional flagstone driveways use irregular cut stones, conveying an Old European feel. However, other cuts of stone can be used to convey countryside and small cottage atmospheres.