Top Tips for a Low-Maintenance Yard

The yard can be time-consuming to maintain each week as you mow the grass, water the plants, and trim the trees to prevent it from becoming overgrown. Many homeowners spend a significant amount of time with the upkeep that is performed to maintain their home’s curb appeal. If you want a low-maintenance yard that requires less effort and care, there are a few different features to add.

Artificial Turf

Many people buy turf in Las Vegas for their yard because it not only looks attractive, but it doesn’t require any mowing or watering to maintain its appeal. Synthetic grass is eco-friendly and looks similar to authentic grass, which can allow you to have a beautiful yard throughout the year and in different weather conditions. You won’t have to spend time fertilizing it or pulling weeds, which can free up extra time in your schedule.

Use Rocks As a Landscaping Feature

Rocks are decorative accents that can look attractive and fill in bare areas of the yard. Rocks are not only versatile but are affordable and can be used in areas where grass isn’t present. You can use the rocks to create different walkways leading up to the house or add decorative features when they’re grouped. They can also be used to frame trees or gardens to highlight certain features. Use color shades that complement the architecture or style of your home to ensure that the rocks blend in well with the surrounding environment.

Use Objects for Added Color

Instead of planting different types of vibrant flowers in the yard, opt for adding a bit of color with the use of patio furniture that is painted red, yellow, or blue. You can also use a decorative umbrella that contributes to the design of the space, along with birdbaths and benches. With the use of decorative features, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining the flowers that are planted but can still enjoy spending time in a beautiful setting.