Easy Plants to Consider for Your Vegas Landscape

Are you cursed with a “brown thumb” or simply too busy with other tasks on your to-do list to worry about tending to living landscape elements? Not to worry! There are a lot of variations with plants when it comes to upkeep and care requirements that can still produce the desired results aesthetically. Below, you’ll find some easy plants ideal for novice gardeners or busy Las Vegas homeowners you’re welcome to consider.

Easy Plants for Drought-Prone Yards

Include Desert Rose on your list of low-maintenance plants if you have a yard that’s regularly affected by drought-like conditions. Offering beautiful, flamboyant blooms, this plant is not at all spiny or cactus-like, further adding to its appeal. Ninebark, Juniper, Sedum, and Baptisia are other drought-resistant options to consider for your Las Vegas landscape if you have issues with a lack of natural water or rainfall.

Easy-to-Care-for Plants for Sandy Soil

Some areas of Las Vegas have gravelly, fine, sandy loam. With situations like this, one option is to mix in attractive landscape rocks in Las Vegas with plants that do well in sandy-type soil. One possibility is Armeria, a charming perennial with brightly-hued, globe-shaped flowers. It’s a ground-hugging plant that also works well in areas susceptible to higher winds. The Shrubby Cinquefoil or “Primrose Beauty” is another low-maintenance option for sandy soil.

Low-Maintenance Flowering Shrubs

Novice gardeners in Las Vegas can also benefit from flowering shrubs that are easy to care for. Weigela, for instance, requires minimal upkeep and will reward you with tubular blooms and colorful foliage. It’s also a great choice for framing a driveway or walkway. Spirea comes in many varieties that tend to change color throughout the warmer seasons. Also worth considering: the low-growing Oregon Grape, which will give you yellow shuttlecock flowers and edible blueberries and stunning, light-maintenance Repeat-Blooming Hydrangeas.