You can add solar lights to your landscape design very easily, using them as lights on walkways, as spotlights, and as lighting on your patio.

How You Can Incorporate Solar Lights in Landscaping Design

Your home and outdoor area has always been your oasis away from it all, and that has never been truer than in these times of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Yet, you’ve probably gotten a little sick of being cooped up indoors, and thus are spending more time in your front or back yard. But if when the sun sets, you’re plunged into darkness, well, then you need some outdoor lighting to illuminate your nights at home. To help you create a cool outdoor space at night, we’ve put together these tips for how you can use solar lights in landscaping design projects.

Solar Lights in Landscaping: How They Work

Solar lights are cool little inventions that don’t require being plugged into any power outlets. Usually, they contain a cell that is able to absorb energy from the sun and then store it. Solar lights don’t ever need to be turned on or off as they have automatic sensors that detect when it gets dark and when it gets lights.


One great way to incorporate solar lights into your landscape design is to use them to illuminate walkways. You can line the path from your back door to garden area with small lights or light your way to your grill or outdoor seating area. All you have to do is stick individual lights into the ground or decorative rock Las Vegas area next to your stone pavers, and voila! You have a lighted walkway.


You can also use solar lights as cool spotlights. Like walkway lights, you can stake solar lights right into the ground and arrange them so that they shine up at the cool backyard features you want to highlight. Shine them on that awesome tree in your yard, your flower garden, or at your garden water feature.

Solar Lights in Patio Landscaping Area

Solar lights come in the form of hanging lanterns as well, which are perfect for adding a bit of ambience to your patio or sitting area. These solar lanterns come in range of fun colors, too, so that you can light up the night in cool ways as you’re relaxing in your favorite outdoor spot.