Weekend Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

The weekend is the perfect time to perform projects in your yard where you can perform minor upgrades that become major statements. With each project, you can add a specific upgrade that makes the setting more appealing and functional. When you’re ready to improve the quality of your yard, there are a few weekend projects to plan this weekend.

Add Artificial Turf

Artificial turf in Las Vegas can be installed in a weekend and is a great way of finally obtaining a beautiful lawn without having to mow and water in the future. The artificial turf will prove to be durable and can look green and healthy in each season without having to fertilize it. Consider adding it to areas where the kids will play outside or where you plan to lounge outdoors to enhance the functionality of the yard.

Use a Variety of Plants

Increase the beauty of your yard with a variety of plants that are arranged together, which will allow ornamental leaves to stand out. You may notice that using the same plants allows them to bloom together at the same time, but they can also lack diversity and contrast. Consider using a perennial like Rozanne geranium, which blooms from June to October and will add a touch of color to the yard. Adding native plants will also add extra visual interest without requiring a lot of upkeep to ensure that they can thrive.

Create a Water Feature

Adding water to your yard will create an outdoor oasis that is tranquil and inviting. If you have a bare area of the yard or an unused corner, consider adding a pond or a soothing water feature that is affordable and easy to install. You can build a beautiful stone pond, which only requires a few materials and can look decorative. Add a few plants that surround the feature to make it look natural and blend in well with the surroundings.