Gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby that lets you tap into your creativity. Here are a few tips about how to use rocks as a flower garden base.

How to Create Beautiful Flower Beds With Rocks

Creating flower beds with rocks is an eye-catching way to enhance the beauty of your garden. By selecting materials that are going to last and determining the location for your new flower beds ahead of time, you’ll be one step closer to designing the garden of your dreams. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to properly use rocks in your flower beds.

Choose Your Location for Flower Beds With Rocks

Find the spots where you want your flower beds to be, then begin to dig. Your rock garden should consist of two to three layers of rocks to ensure proper drainage, as well as an aesthetically pleasing look. Heavier rocks should make up your first layer and be covered with soil packed rather firmly. You can add an additional layer of rocks, depending on how much drainage you think you’ll need, then you can begin planting your flowers. Your last layer of rocks will cover the surface of the topsoil, adding a nice finish to your garden’s appearance. This system also works well in raised flower beds.

Select Flowers

Consider the flowers you’ll want to use before you begin planting. This will help you determine what type of turf is going to work best for the kinds of flowers you select. While color scheme is important, it’s best to plant flowers with similar growing requirements together. Flowers that love good drainage work best when using rocks to create a garden. Give some thought to sunlight and flower variation. They add to your flower bed’s ability to thrive. Also, using different size flowers, including height and leaf texture, not only gives your garden a beautiful look, it increases its longevity.

Pick the Right Turf

Having an idea of what type of rocks you want to use helps when you’re looking for turf in Las Vegas. The type of turf you pick determines how you’ll distribute the rocks on and beneath your flower beds. You can incorporate larger rocks and even boulders to give your garden more texture. Smaller stones work well for topsoil coverage, adding a layered appearance throughout your garden.