Las Vegas homes that have fruit trees stand out from neighboring homes that only have a desert landscape. Here are a few of the easiest fruit trees to grow.

How Can Delicious Fruit Increase Your Curb Appeal?

If you are looking to increase your home’s curb appeal and cut down on your food budget, perhaps you should consider planting a few fruit trees in your front yard. There are some great choices out there when you are thinking about planting a tree that grows delicious fruit. Part of the choice will come down to what fruit you prefer, but you should also consider how the tree looks, what the tree’s flowers look like, and how easy they are to care for. Below are a few of the top choices for most homeowners.

Smart Addition for Your Las Vegas Home

One of the choices that many recommend is a cherry tree. Cherries range from tart to sweet, and finding the right variety might be the key for you. They have some of the prettiest blossoms out of any tree that you can plant in your yard. They also have a good fragrance.

Peach Trees Produce Delicious Fruit

Peach trees are popular because the sweet nectar of the fruit can be used for so many different purposes. Whether you eat it fresh off of the tree or can it for winter consumption, peaches are a scrumptious fruit that is very healthy for you. Make a pie, bake a cobbler, or throw them in a smoothie for a natural sweetener.

Trees and Desert Rocks Give You a Distinct Look

A final type of tree that is popular to plant in Las Vegas is a fig tree. This pollinating tree is extremely easy to care for once you have planted it. The tree also looks very good with decorative rock in Las Vegas or other design elements in the yard. A fig tree will provide a lot of shade to keep you cool as Vegas temps rise.