Everything You Need to Know About River Rocks for Landscaping

The simplistic beauty of river rocks is perfect for accentuating the natural elements of any garden or pathway. With a multitude of uses, these stones come in a variety of colors and sizes with a smooth texture that adds softness or contrast to your landscape. Here is everything you need to know about these rocks and how you can use them in your backyard.

Uses for River Rocks

River rocks can be used for a variety of interior and exterior home improvement projects that increase the aesthetic value of each space. The versatility of these types of rocks allows you to use them to create borders for pathways, as decorative ground cover in gardens and flower beds or to create the illusion of water. River rock can also be used to enhance the appearance of various types of terrain, such as artificial grass and desert landscapes.

Size and Color

The size and color of river rocks varies, and you can create numerous designs by using contrasting colors for a vibrant appearance that accents vacant or large spaces, in addition to other types of turf. Differences in rock size and similar color helps to design pathways that blend in with your natural landscape.


The smooth texture and rounded shape of river rocks makes them an excellent choice for decorating gardens and flower beds that add depth to outdoor areas that lack other types of ornamentation. Water simulation is also created by smoothness of river rocks, giving the appearance of a creek or pond without the actual use of water.

The many uses and effects that these rocks create on various types of terrain make them a fantastic choice for complementing any aspect of your landscape. When you’re looking for turf that includes artificial grass in Las Vegas, you’ll also find a great selection of decorative ground cover that’s perfect for your outdoor home improvement project.