Landscape rocks may seem like they fall into the “outdoor use” category only; but there are numerous beautiful ways to bring them indoors! Here are three ways to get creative in your home with landscape rocks:

(1) Put Them in a Box Frame

Why not display smooth, pretty pebbles in a box frame? They are a great way to reuse old frames you have laying around.

landscape rock indoor uses



(2) Play a Game of Nature’s Tic-Tac-Toe

Use twigs, a wood slice. and smooth, flat pebbles to create a “natural” version of tic-tac-toe! Friends and family will be asking you to make ones for them.

landscape rock alternate uses

Source: via Catherine on Pinterest



(3) Use Them as Decoration for Indoor Smores

Who says you have to be outdoors to enjoy smores? Use planters, plenty of pebbles and rocks, and sternos to make treats inside.

indoor landscape rock ideas


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