Most people are unaware of the best ways to maintain their front yard landscaping. While some focus on the backyard or the sides of their homes, the front yard is truly the face of your home. Living in Las Vegas, landscaping a front yard requires a different set of rules compared to other areas of the country. Make your yard beautiful by learning about these front yard landscaping tips.

Making your front yard pop

front yard landscaping front doorSince the front yard design is the face of your home, you want to make a good impression in your neighborhood. Keeping your desert landscaping well-maintained reflects on the homeowner’s sense of pride in their home.

Make your house reflect good style by making it your own, crafting a design that will mesh well and bring out what you find to be beautiful. Show your personality by adding your favorite flowers, or show a welcoming spirit by adding a flagstone walkway or a beautiful wall.

Why front yard landscaping is important

Real estate agents agree that maintaining a beautiful front yard landscape will add value to your home. This value is often realized when it’s time to sell the home. Buyers want to see a beautiful yard, not just the potential.

One reason many people avoid doing much work to this area of their home is the lack of privacy it provides. Anything you do is in full view of the neighborhood. Here are a few tips to make your front yard more private.


Add a fence to your front yard if your house is designed well for one, which will offer better protection for kids and pets. It’s also great for flowering plants and climbing plants, offering your flower beds a pretty backdrop.

Add paths or walkways

Adding a path or walkway to your front door is a great way to improve your front yard landscaping. You can make it more interesting by making the path meander instead of a formal uniform path. In addition, add flowerbeds or desert landscaping on each side of the walkway for an extra touch.

Using your slope

If your house was built on a slope descending down to the street, you can do some cool things with this design. While most people think this is problematic, it’s something you can take advantage of. You have the chance to add steps and landings instead of a typical flat walkway, which work as a viewing platform for you to show off your specimen trees, flowerbeds and favorite shrubs.

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Photo by cocoparisienne