Flagstone is a versatile material that allows for quite a bit of creativity. Here are some ideas for places you can use it in your landscape.

A Fresh Look at Flagstone

Flagstone is a versatile building material. It’s easy to work with and allows for all types of creative designs. Though it’s often used to create walkways and patios, flagstones of Las Vegas are capable of so much more. Here are some creative uses you may not have considered.

Pool Decking

Flagstones make a beautiful pool surround, especially when you design your pool to look like part of the nature around it. With a few native plants as a backdrop and a surround made of natural stone, your backyard pool will look more like a natural oasis. You can create your own backyard paradise and have a pool that looks as though it belongs rather than one that sticks out in the midst of a backyard desert.

Fire Pits

On chilly desert nights, outdoor fire pits are great for family weenie roasts and marshmallow toasting magic, but it’s important to keep everyone safe and comfortable around the fire. With a flagstone surround, you can place padded chairs and other seating around your fire pit for comfort and stay safe, knowing that the flat nature of the stone will allow seating to stay firmly planted without wobbling. Your fire pit will look beautiful and natural while ensuring that marshmallows are the only things that get toasted.

Endless Possibilities

Because it is available in various thicknesses and colors, your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding new ways to use this beautiful stone. Thicker slabs allow you to create a custom stone driveway while thinner pieces can serve as walkways and patios. You can even make benches from stacked flagstone as well as attractive retaining walls and steps. Just pick a stone you like and then get busy planning your perfect space.