For Las Vegas Exterior Flooring, Concrete or Natural Rock?

Pavers in Las Vegas are available in a variety of sizes, color and material. Two popular options for your home’s exterior flooring are concrete and natural rock. Each has its benefits. When you are trying to pick out yours, here are some things to consider.


Concrete pavers have a low cost. Plus, they are low-maintenance. The installation tends to be simple for professionals. This particular type is known for its versatility and safety. It has an expected lifespan of at least 50 years, which proves that concrete is durable. Additionally, they are produced in various colors and styles that seem endless. One option is Holland pavers. These are manufactured as an alternative to brick. Compared to natural rock, they are plainer.

Natural Rock

Pavers made from natural rock are more elegant. They are also low-maintenance and easy to install by a professional. This option is considered a solid investment because the material tends to age well. Plus, they are eco-friendly and sustainable. The concrete kind are man-made whereas natural rock is not.

A Combination of the Two for Exterior Flooring

Ultimately, you do not have to pick between the two types of material. You can install a natural rock floor with concrete accents, or vice versa. Concrete can develop cracks over time, so if you are looking to maximize your budget, concrete is good for areas that are less visible or receive less traffic. Those who have to cover a large area might consider concrete because it is still more cost-effective. Then, you can add natural rock accents for beauty purposes.

No matter the type you purchase, making improvements to your home and its exterior is a great idea. Improvements of this magnitude maintain and raise the value of your property and the neighborhood.