Four Ways to Use Pavers in Your Spring Landscaping

Perhaps your dream of spring landscaping includes a lower maintenance yard. You can easily achieve this by adding pavers to your landscaping. This reduces the amount of grass you need to care for while adding a finished look to your yard. Here are four ways to use paving stones in your landscaping that you should keep in mind when you go to href=””>buy pavers in Las Vegas.

A Winding Garden Path or Festive Front Walkway

Connect your home to your garden, pergola or gazebo using paver paths. In just one day or so, a professional can install a full path that invites you to stroll through the yard. It also directs foot traffic, keeping guests from trampling your newly planted grass or flower beds. In the front yard, you can lay pavers to create a festive and functional walkway from the street to the house. Paver paths also save you water by reducing the amount of yard to keep watered. Try edging your paver path with drought-hearty creeping thyme.

Create a Quick and Cozy Patio or Edge Around the Pool

Use a variety of pavers to create a patio in just a couple of days. Paving stones come in a variety of shapes and colors, plus you can stain them to match your home’s siding or paint. The versatile nature of pavers lets you create geometric patterns ranging from a traditional square patio to an interesting circular design. Try terra-cotta pavers for an earthy tone. These tough stones and slabs can handle the weight of patio furniture and grills, plus they’re designed for heavy foot traffic. That also makes them great for creating a walking perimeter around your pool. A row or two of paving stones around a pool adds both beauty and safety.

The Right Materials

Paving stones offer you a multitude of options for improving your landscape. Professional landscapers can help ensure you get the best choice of high-quality materials for your needs.