As evolved humans, we often take our roots and our past for granted. Living in busy Las Vegas, this is especially true. However, there are treasures for those local history buffs who are interested in something more than modern day affairs. Just be ready to pack up the car and go on an adventure.

petroglyphsphoto credit: Alaskan Dude via photopin cc

Nevada is home to many different hieroglyph sites, each one telling a different and unique story. At the Mountain of Hieroglyphs, for example, there is a huge rock formation covered with ancient petro-glyphs. Located about three miles southeast of Silver Springs, Nevada, this mountain makes up a huge part of the west end of the Dead Channel Mountains.

In central Arizona, there is another huge area littered with Hieroglyphs. The Hieroglyphic Mountains were once home to a tribe of Apache Indians who settled between present-day Maricopa and Yavapai counties. And because the mountains are just a quick drive from Phoenix, there are plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

petroglyphsphoto credit: C. G. P. Grey via photopin cc

And if you’d like to head back to Nevada, the Hickison Petroglyphs campground is a perfect place to explore Nevada’s history. Located just 20 miles east of Austin, NV, these camp sites are located along a dirt loop within walking distance of the hiking trail. The petroglyph trail is about 1/4 mile long with information along the way to help visitors understand the different Native American rock sketches.


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