Tips for Functional Decorative Boulder Landscaping

Using decorative boulders in your landscaping can be hard enough, but what if you want functional decorative boulder landscaping? This will give you several tips that will help you decide where to use boulders and which ones to use. It won’t be long before these boulders improve your yard functionally and aesthetically.

Functional Decorative Boulder Water Flow

One of the best ways to use decorative rock in Las Vegas is for diverting water. While rain isn’t common, this can be used to help with infrequent rains or when watering your yard. The functional decorative boulder arrangement can create a path that the water will follow. You can use this to keep your yard safe or divert water so that it properly goes to all your plants.

Land Raising

Another way many people end up using functional boulders is to raise the land. The boulders can be a platform for dirt, flowers, sod and more. This is one of the best boulder decorating tips for those who want rolling landscaping that goes up and down.

Land raising can be difficult in some cases, but boulders are naturally the right size. They also come in many colors and can provide your yard with a needed aesthetic boost. You can choose to leave the boulder exposed or completely bury it if that looks better for your yard.

Filling Areas

Sometimes you have an area to fill. This could be a hole from removing a tree or another area where it’s empty and needs something. While you could always use dirt or flowers to fill the area, a decorative boulder might be the better solution. Not only is the boulder strong, but it can provide good color and texture for the area. You can also decorate around the boulder.