Popular Landscaping Ideas for 2020

Garden landscaping trends include popular flowering plants, shrubs and hardscapes. Even a small area can be transformed into a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. Here are a few of the garden trends in 2020.

Vertical Garden Landscaping Trends

With the wide selection of landscape rocks in Las Vegas that are available, you can have an attractive wall of stone that will grow plants. This is a good idea if you want a few flowering plants but don’t have the space for flowerbeds. Vertical gardens are suitable for just about anywhere even a small apartment balcony. With a hanging staghorn fern and some wall planters, you can enjoy being surrounded by greenery.

Water features are another trend that adds the pleasant sound of falling water and attracts birds. Whether it is a small fountain, a waterfall or pond, water features are a popular landscaping trend.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Trends

Low-maintenance design is still trendy in 2020 because many people don’t have time to keep their gardens looking great, but they need an attractive outdoor space for relaxing and recreation.

Low-maintenance landscaping includes shrubs with colorful foliage such as evergreen rhododendrons. Some low-maintenance plants that are suitable for Las Vegas are ornamental grasses, honeysuckle and several kinds of cacti. Make sure the plants you select don’t need excessive watering, regular pruning or deadheading, staking or dividing. You can sit back and enjoy your garden without a lot of work.

Trendy Designs

One trend that has stood the test of time is symmetrical plant placement. Symmetry in landscaping provides a formal appearance and looks professional. This means twinning plants on either side of a door, window, gate or hardscape. Framing your house or your yard provides decorative appeal, cohesiveness and charm.

High-quality and attractive outdoor furniture is a landscaping trend that may cost more initially but will last for years while looking great.

These landscaping trends are not new, but they become popular because they are suitable for the lifestyle of today. You can create a beautiful garden to enjoy for years and if you learn about new gardening trends that are suitable for Las Vegas, it’s a great reason to spruce up your landscaping.