Landscape Rocks and Container Gardens

One of the hottest new trends in Las Vegas gardens is positioning containers with plants, flowers and even vegetables on landscape rocks. This landscape design aesthetic, which is called xeriscaping, will help you save hugely on water bills. Xeriscaping will likely aid you in growing healthier plants, too, since it’s easier to fill a planter with nutrient-rich soils than it is to enrich the naturally sandy soil found in these parts. In fact, if you do it the right way, you may even get higher yields from container gardens than you may by planting vegetables in the ground in Nevada. You’ll find landscape rocks in Las Vegas that will complement practically every type of container.

River Rocks

Commercial river rocks are small round rocks that come in a variety of colors but are most often found in hues of black, gray and white. They’re not really harvested from rivers; instead, they’re typically manufactured from recycled plastic. A 5-pound bag is all you’ll need to cover an area of approximately 4 square feet. These landscape rocks are a perfect choice for small planters in which you might like to grow quick-maturing plants like lettuce or radishes. If you want to get creative with the look of your container garden, try putting a few of the smaller planters on plant stands


Larger containers may look better on decorative pebbles. These types of landscaping rocks tend to be made from natural materials like crushed gravel, broken marble, lava and even brick chips. Their colors range from white to shades of red and pink. Another reason why these rocks tend to work better with larger planters is that they retain heat, which can reflect back on your plants if your plants are too close to the ground, and this can cause your plants to dry up. Large containers are great for growing big plants like tomatoes and eggplants.