Types and styles of landscaping rocks for home improvement projects to beautify curb appeal

Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Rocky Landscaping

Summer is here, and it is time to get outdoors and beautify your home! Check out these great curbside boosters for eye-catching results

Cover up Problem Areas

Landscape rocks are a great way to avoid mowing steep or dipped areas of the yard. This helps cut down on overall maintenance by keeping down weeds and helping water drain away from the yard. A landscaping specialist can help you decide whether you need a stone retaining wall and what plants to add to help avoid soil erosion over time.

Create a stone bed for stormwater to drain away, and to keep down mosquito breeding grounds. For smaller problem areas near gutters or driveways, consider smooth beech pebbles or river rocks. For larger areas like ditches and culverts, stones like creek rock or small boulders would do the trick.

Make a Statement

Boulders are an ideal centerpiece for landscaping areas around flagpoles, around flowerbeds or around the edges of driveways. These hefty rocks come in many shades and shapes to compliment your current landscaping cover and your home’s exterior.

Another eye-catching centerpiece in landscaping is the use of pattern and colors. Choose a color scheme and template to create intricate mosaics, winding pathways and gorgeous borders all in various stones.

Pave the Way

Paver blocks are an excellent home improvement project that will add curbside value to any yard. Most are uniform in size and shape, which makes planning the pathway easier than using creek rock or jagged stone. Edge the border with a second type of smaller stone to add variety and interest.

Add an unexpected paver patio to surround a favorite tree or flower bed. Pavers can be stacked for depth and walled areas, mixed and matched for patterns and paths, and they are relatively maintenance-free.