Water Your Lawn With Gray Water and Save the Planet

Homeowners love their lawns as places to relax and play. However, in drier areas, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn. If you buy turf in Las Vegas, you do not want it to die out because of water use restrictions. An irrigation system that reuses some of the gray water from your home can allow you to maintain your lawn and do low-impact landscaping.

What Is Gray Water Irrigation?

Gray water irrigation lends itself to areas that demand reduced water use. Instead of water flowing directly into a septic or sewer system, water from some household fixtures is diverted for reuse. In some cases, the water flows into a storage tank where homeowners will access it for later use. Some systems use the pump in a laundry machine to send water directly to the lawn.

Is Gray Water Safe?

One of the biggest concerns is safety. Water that you flush down the toilet must be treated before it can be used again. However, water from your bathroom sinks, shower and laundry machine is often clean enough that it can water plants without harming them or the local environment. As long as you use biodegradable products, you can take care of your turf lawn maintenance with reused water.

An Environmentally Responsible Practice

When you choose a recycled water system for irrigation, you will feel better about your lawn care. Not only can you enjoy a beautiful backyard, but you can also relax knowing that you are caring for the planet.