River Rock vs. Boulder: Which Is Better for Your Landscape?

If you’re adding more rocks to your landscape, choosing between river rock and boulders may be a difficult decision. We’re going to help you choose between both rocks by giving you a comprehensive guide to each.

River Rock

River rocks are great to add to any landscape. While river rocks can be more expensive, it lasts a considerable amount of time, making it worth the investment.

Another great thing about river rocks is that they will not change color in the sun, allowing the hue to remain the same over time. Even more, river rocks can stand various weather conditions, adding to its durability.

Additionally, river rock is environmentally-friendly since it’s a natural stone and can work well for different parts of your home.


Boulders are another great option for homeowners. For starters, if you live in a mountainous area, you can get boulders at a relatively inexpensive cost.

Along with this, boulders are very low maintenance, making them a convenient choice for your home.

If you have gaps in your yard, boulders will do a great job of filling in space. This can give your yard a complete look, especially if you’re struggling to grow plants in certain areas.

Which One Creates the Perfect Landscape?

Both river rocks and boulders are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to improve their landscaping. Essentially, the rock you choose will depend on what look you want for your landscape and your personal needs.

River rocks are long-lasting rocks that add a nice stylistic feature to your home’s curb appeal. Boulders are also great rocks to add to your landscaping that doubles as a way to fill in yard space and increase privacy.

With that said, no matter which you choose, both will be great additions to your landscaping needs.

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