Upgrading your home might not require as much time or money as you might think, and many projects can be completed over the weekend.

Simple Transformations that Can Add to Your Home’s Value

Virtually any improvement you make to your home can increase value, and many projects can be completed over the weekend for minimal cost. For example, you can drastically change your home’s curb appeal by adding shrubbery, landscape rocks, colorful flowers and repainting the front door. Complete all of the above in an incredibly short amount of time, and the effects of your efforts could last a lifetime. Here are some simple ways you can transform the interior of your home.

Crown Molding Adds Elegance to Any Room

Crown molding adds instant charm, and can transform the ambiance of any room in the home. However, many homeowners might find it frustrating to cut the corners just right with a traditional miter saw. Choose a material that is constructed from light-weight polystyrene foam; this material maintains longevity because it is also coated in a hard plaster outer layer. It will allow you to make corner cuts with a handsaw, and installation is much easier because the material is attached with joint compound.

Switch to Energy-Star Appliances

One of the most important upgrades a homeowner can make is to invest in appliances that will lower their monthly electric and water bills because they will receive a return on their investment over a period of time. For example, simply replacing your dishwasher with an Energy Star-certified one can cut down on the amount of water you use by almost 500 gallons annually. This investment is great for your wallet and great for the environment.

Adding Privacy While Maintaining Charm

When a room is properly lit, the atmosphere feels bright and cozy. Windows that let too much light in can be a problem, however, especially if you have neighbors close by and privacy is a concern. You could install shades, but shutters might be a more desirable option because they add architectural detail to the window. They are also a great way to keep too much heat from coming into the room on hot summer days, or allowing too much cold to come into the home during harsh winter months. All of these suggestions are relatively easy projects that can be completed in a very short period of time.