The Benefits of Using Turf in Drought-Prone Neighborhoods

Droughts can happen in places where you least expect them. In areas where droughts occur a lot, it’s harder for homeowners to sustain a vibrant natural lawn through every change of season. The solution homeowners turn to in drought-prone areas is artificial grass. Turf in Vegas makes the lawn look beautiful without any worries about local water-restriction rules.

Synthetic Grass is Low-Maintenance

One of the largest drought concerns homeowners encounter is municipal water regulations. With local and state governments barring water consumption, stiff fines await for those using ‘unnecessary’ water. In Nevada, the risk includes $500 in fines every time you’re caught washing your car or watering your lawn. Because turf is self-sufficient, its look stays the same while all the other natural lawns in your neighborhood wilt. You can sleep well knowing you’re limiting your impact on the drought and environment while staying clear of fines.

No Yellowed Areas

Droughts can lead to dead or bare patches of lawn and even more under shade. When the dead spots pop up, keeping the soil loose enough to reseed or for the grass to grow back is almost impossible. Where conditions for droughts are commonplace, the grass receiving the most amount of foot traffic is going to dry out first and get spotty. Don’t give your grass the chance to die. Turf installation in Las Vegas is the answer to most ordinary backyard concerns.

No Texture Loss

When natural grass is water deprived, you’ll notice it turning into dark vibrant greens or shades of brown. When you buy turf in Las Vegas, no loss of texture or discoloration occurs. Overfeeding your lawn, excessive amounts of shade and shadows from buildings are also going to cause discoloring and texture changes. Shopping for turf near Vegas is going to allow your lawn to look the same in all areas, even in places where shade is abundant. Fertilizing or other forms of upkeep to the lawn are not needed.