The Chores You Can Avoid After Installing Artificial Turf

In order to thrive, your yard requires a significant amount of time and upkeep each month. More homeowners are installing artificial turf as a way to minimize how much time they spend working outdoors to maintain the appeal of the setting. Fortunately, there are a few chores that you can avoid performing after adding artificial turf.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn will not only require the right equipment, but it also requires spending time cutting the grass every week or two to prevent it from becoming overgrown. You’ll not only need to mow the lawn but edging and pulling weeds is also required to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. With the turf, you can avoid having to cut the grass on a continuous basis, which can free up time in your schedule and allow you to spend more time performing activities you enjoy.

Watering the Grass

Watering the lawn every two days is necessary to ensure that it can thrive and to prevent dead spots from forming. When you buy turf in Las Vegas, you can avoid having to stand out in your lawn for several minutes watering the grass and making sure that it stays healthy. With turf, the grass will remain green and won’t fade when exposed to the sun or environmental elements. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the amount of water that you use on the yard.


You can throw out your weed eater once you obtain artificial turf because weeds will no longer be a threat to your yard. The turf is constructed with a mesh backing that is thick and tough, which prevents weeds from growing through the turf and causing damage. You can also avoid having to purchase chemicals to kill the weeds and will no longer need to spray the grass once the synthetic turf is added to your property.