Boulders make a beautiful addition to any garden. To maximize their appeal, buy local boulders, place them in a natural formation and add foliage.

How to Use Boulders in Your Garden

Boulders can greatly enhance a landscape. They add an unpredictable edge to cultivated gardens and yards, and they make any space look unique. Because boulders are heavy and difficult to move, each one needs to be placed to its best advantage. Homeowners searching for decorative rock in Las Vegas should consult with an experienced rock professional.

Stay Local

Because boulders are difficult to transport, it is best to use a local source. This will cut down on expense and ensure that you can afford the best possible boulders for your site. If there is natural rock in your yard or garden, try to find local rock that complements it in terms of color and texture. A contrasting boulder can disrupt the harmony of the landscape.

Look to Nature

When boulders are found in the wild, they are rarely seen alone. Instead, they are found in heterogeneous formations that are united by a parent material. When creating a boulder formation in your backyard, try to capture the diverse and incongruous shapes of nature. Boulders are often surrounded by a group of smaller stones to maximize their aesthetic appeal. When deciding on an arrangement, you and your contractor should go slowly. Study the shape of the boulder, and determine which side should be most visible.

Incorporate Plants

After you have decided on the boulder formation, think about using plants to enhance the arrangement. Perennials and shrubs can be planted around the stones to add a touch of natural charm. Oftentimes, the boulder is planted into the ground so that it appears to be arising from the surrounding greenery. In Japanese gardening, this process is referred to as “nesting.” It is a useful technique, and can help make boulders conform around patios and rock waterfalls.