With all the colors and sizes of decorative rocks available in Las Vegas, homeowners can feel quite overwhelmed when trying to select the type most suitable to their home’s style. By following a few simple guidelines, homeowners may find the challenge to be easier.

How Decorative Rocks Can Embellish Your Home’s Style

If you’re thinking about adding decorative stones to your Las Vegas property, the size, texture and color of the rocks should complement the style and exterior colors of your home and landscape. Whether you’re using the rocks to cover a troubled area in your yard, to embellish your plants and flowers, or along borders and walkways, they can greatly enhance your home’s beauty and define its style.

Blending Decorative Rocks with Your Landscaping

The decorative rocks in Las Vegas that you select will set the tone of your yard or garden. For example, light-brown or cream-colored stones not only add an attractive contrast with dark-colored foliage but also brighten up shady spots and corners in your landscape. On the other hand, decorative, dark-colored rocks such as black and dark brown provide a pleasant contrast with light-colored surroundings and break up the monotony. Furthermore, flat reddish-brown decorative rocks help achieve a tropical landscape look, while black lava rocks goes best with a contemporary or Asian-style landscape.

How to Use Decorative Rocks

With the various styles of decorative rocks available in Las Vegas, it’s important to know which one you should choose for your property. River rocks, which are smooth and come in various sizes, make a great ground cover. When used with stepping stones, for example, river rocks make an attractive statement. Medium-sized river rocks also create a focal point when placed around a favorite tree or shrub. Additionally, larger decorative rocks are commonly used to keep any sloping areas on your property from eroding.

Your Style Home and Decorative Rocks

Whether you have a bold contemporary home, a charming cape cod or a cozy country French style house, there is the perfect decorative rock to match your home. Beautifying your home with decorative rocks is an effective way to highlight your home’s details and create the look that is uniquely yours.


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