How Specialty Gardens Can Upgrade Your Landscape Décor

Adding a traditional garden to your outdoor space can be a fulfilling way to make your yard look refined. However, if conventional gardens are not your thing, there are other unique options available for you to try. Here are some examples of specialty gardens that can amp up your landscaping.

Water Gardens

A water garden can transform any outdoor space from plain to extravagant with just a bit of work. These gardens can consist of elaborate water features such as multiple waterfalls or streams, or something as simple as a single pond. Either way, creating a water garden is an excellent option to make your landscape stand out. To accentuate the water features in your garden, look for moisture-loving plants that prefer to be near a body of water. It might also be a fun idea to use plants like water lilies and cattails to make your ponds come to life. Lastly, deliberately placed stones can add a finishing touch to bring the whole look together.

Rock Gardens

Another type of specialty garden that can spruce up your outdoor landscape is a rock garden. A rock garden is designed to feature various boulders and stones in a way that can really showcase your yard. When creating this type of garden, make sure to utilize the right plants to add character to the area. Focus on finding plants that can thrive in drier soil and that do not require a lot of watering. Most importantly, make sure to select the best rocks for your garden. Using the right combination of larger and smaller stones is essential to getting a good result. When looking for a place to find landscape rocks in Las Vegas, always choose a reliable business with quality landscaping décor.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens are a great way to add uniqueness to your outdoor landscapes. These multi-purpose gardens are not only a neat way to decorate, but they also can provide you with healthy edible crops. Some starter crop options for beginners include tomatoes, carrots, and even squash. If you are looking for something even simpler, try turning your attention towards herbs instead. Ultimately, be sure to choose an adequate plot with proper soil, and your garden should bear plenty of crops during the harvest season.