When buyers are in the search for their home, one of the first things they’ll notice is the yard. By making a few improvements, homeowners can greatly increase the value of their property.

How to Maximize Home Value Through Landscaping

While it’s anyone’s guess how much landscaping affects home value, a conservative estimate may be around 150%. That means for every $10,000 invested into a yard, homeowners can expect to receive around $15,000 in return. Here are a few ways to stretch that even further.

Install Clear-cut Flowerbeds

Well-defined flowerbeds can make a massive impact on the way a potential buyer perceives a home. In many cases, the perceived value is more important than the actual value; if a person feels a home will cost more than a seller is asking, they’re prepared to pay more. Flowerbeds give the impression of order and definition, as well as luxury. By using paving stones to create a path through a series of flowerbeds, the value of a home can skyrocket.

Maintain the Lawn

It costs little to go beyond the call of duty in maintaining a lawn. Aside from mowing the grass, mulch and edge the borders to create a tidy appearance. Regular waterings will ensure the grass is a lush, healthy green. Install sod where necessary to avoid yellow patches in the grass.

Install Solar Lights

Solar lights lining a driveway or walking path can make a huge difference, not only in curb appeal, but in safety. These lights tend to be inexpensive and easy to install. Because they run on solar power, they’re also eco-friendly. It’s a small investment for a massive return.

By taking a few basic steps to improve the look of a yard, homeowners can greatly increase their asking price when it comes time to sell. Contact licensed providers for pavers in Las Vegas and ensure you’re investing in the right type of stone for the maximum return possible. With a little effort, the value and profitability of your home will be more than you ever expected.