How Much Shade Does My Yard Really Need?

One of the important areas for a homeowner is their yard. However, even after you’ve planted the right soil and laid out the best grass, there is something not right about your yard. The fact is that even with the best materials in place, you may also need to think about the amount of sunlight in your yard. Thus, the following includes information regarding how much shade you really need and how to apply it to your yard.

Understand How Much Shade Your Grass Requires

One of the very first things you need to do is research and understand what type of grass you have laid out in your home yard. This is especially important because you need to know how much sunlight your grass really needs. For example, bentgrass is considered to be a cool climate type that is much more tolerant of shade. Other types, such as bermudagrass, would need about six hours of sunlight each day, and thus, placing shade wouldn’t be too much of a factor.

Think Twice About Trees

Although planting a tree seems like a good idea, there are some issues with this option. One of the most serious includes the roots of the tree as it grows. Shade may be provided for the short-term, but you may also begin to see issues regarding its roots and the rest of your yard. A great alternative is placing large bushes nearby. This will provide shade to nearby plants, which may require some shade to grow properly. You may seek the services of a company that provides landscape rocks in Las Vegas to help you navigate pathways and other yard boundaries.

Patio Shade

If there is absolutely no way to add additional shade to your yard, there is another way to protect some of your sensitive plants. Utilizing a patio cover is a great way to ensure that your more sensitive plants are protected from direct sunlight. In addition, they are much easier to move around if you ever do want them to absorb rainfall.