A reflecting pool or pond is a great way to upgrade your lawn. This type of pool creates a sacred and beautiful atmosphere that is sure to impress.

Take Your Turf Up a Notch With Reflecting Ponds

For thousands of years, reflecting ponds or pools have been used to create beautiful images of landscapes and physical surroundings in water. The reflecting pools in front of the Lincoln Memorial and the Taj Mahal are two dramatic examples. A reflecting pool can actually take your backyard turf up to the level of a scale-model Lincoln Memorial. It will always amp up the elegance, and it’s a landscape feature that a professional can install quickly and easily.

Generally, when reflecting pools are put into turf in Las Vegas, they are created from stone. Their purpose isn’t to contain fish and other aquatic life, but to reflect the spectacular desert landscape back at viewers. You can position your pool so that you can gaze it its reflections from the porch or patio, and you can put it where it will send back a reflection of the mountains, the sky or even your own home!

Lawns and Turfs Transformed With Reflecting Ponds

There are few features that so dramatically enhance the curb appeal and property value of your home as a reflecting pool. Because they are generally only a foot deep, they are easy to install, and you can put in black stones on the bottom of the pond to increase its beauty and solemnity. Some owners put in black dyes into the water to make the reflections more dramatic, but it’s not necessary.

A garden can be a lovely spot for a reflecting pool, but it’s best to keep in mind that you want to keep it away from where leaves can fall in and spoil your views. Also, it’s critical to not use dyes in any pools that wildlife will be drinking from. In conclusion, a reflecting pool or pond can turn your backyard into a space where you can lose yourself in reflections.