Best Plants to Add Color to a Desert Landscape

If you’re new to a desert climate or simply want to begin a new landscaping project, adding color to it is going to make it look that much better. However, the notion is that because you live in a hot climate, it’s almost impossible to plant any colorful plants. Fortunately, this is not true. There are a plethora of plants that are durable enough for a desert landscape. The following include some of the best ones on our list.

Flaming Katy in Your Desert Landscape

Very much related to the paddle plant, the flaming Katy is one of the best plants to add to your desert landscape. Not only can it withstand the desert climate, but it also provides homeowners with an incredible array of colors to choose from. Flaming Katy is made up of curved green leaves at the bottom and a large colorful puffy flower on top.

Yellow Bells

If you’re worried about sun exposure, the yellow bell can not only withstand it, but it actually needs it to survive. As the name says, the flower blooms with yellow bell-shaped blooms. These flowers will certainly be a showstopper within your landscape as they can grow rather quickly and tall.

Texas Sage

If you’re seeking to bring in a pavers Las Vegas company to re-do your walkways, adding Texas sage can be that final touch to really complete the project’s look. Texas Sage is a small but sturdy plant that can be lined up along walkways. The flowers that bloom from the Texas sage are also small, but because of their lavender color can be enough to give your landscape that pop of color you’ve been looking for.
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