Tips for Adding Color to a Las Vegas Lawn

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of the gorgeous deserts right outside of the city. You can add more color to the same desert landscape that you see when you look outside of your door. It just involves the right products and some new plants.

Choose New Plants and Flowers

The easiest way to add more color to your Las Vegas home and outdoor spaces is with the addition of new plants and flowers. While many flowers cannot thrive in the high temperatures of Vegas, blooming cacti are a great option. These cacti retain their brilliant green color and have the same sharp edges as other types do. They also bloom a few times a year though and will add some bright touches of pink and yellow as well as other colors.

Change Your Pavers

Thanks to companies selling pavers in Las Vegas, homeowners can add color when they change the rocks used in their patios and other outdoor spaces. Pavers come in a few different colors such as slate gray and dusty pink. You can mix and match those colors to create a custom patio that no one else on your block will have. These companies can remove the old pavers and install new ones that won’t slide as you walk across them.

Consider a Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are popular landscape accent pieces found across the world. They can use pavers, bricks or natural rocks to keep sections of soil from slipping. You can work with landscaping companies in Las Vegas and add a few retaining walls to your home. These walls can create raised flower beds for some of your favorite plants. That makes it easy for you to highlight those bright plants. To add more color to any Las Vegas landscape, consider retailing walls, new pavers and blooming cacti and other types of colorful plants.