Las Vegas lawn

Adding More Color to Your Home’s Lawn

Las Vegas has a desert climate that causes lawns to turn brown and lifeless. When you’re in the middle of a drought, your lawn looks even worse. Before you give up hope or decide to move to a new city, you can try out some of these fun ways to add more color to your lawn, including adding artificial turf from Las Vegas landscaping professionals.

Plants and Flowers

Those who live in the American Southwest see cacti almost every day. Cacti are popular with landscaping companies because the plants can go a long time without water. Flowering cacti are great for Las Vegas lawns because these plants produce flowers in different colors and in bright shades like red and pink. Rosemary is another good choice. It produces bright purple flowers as it grows. You can even use the rosemary you grow in cooking great tasting dishes.

Artificial Turf

When it comes to artificial turf, homeowners have the option of buying direct from companies or working with a landscaper who will lay the turf down for them. Artificial turf now comes in options that look exactly like real grass. You can choose one that looks like the bluegrass found in Kentucky or turf that looks like classic bright green grass. Unlike real grass, turf grass needs no watering and will look just as bright months from now as it did when it was new. Some turf is so soft that you can enjoy running across it barefoot.


In addition to planting new flowers and laying down turf, you can use decorations to bring in some new colors. A few planters in bright shades of green and yellow will brighten up your lawn, but you may want to add your own outdoor pond too. You’ll also find landscaping rocks that come in a number of colors and sizes as well as pavers that you can use to create a walkway or patio. Any of these ideas, and more, will help give your lawn all the bright colors you want.