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Tips on Designing a Memorial Garden

A memorial garden lets you pay your respects to someone you loved and were close to who passed away. Instead of designing a public garden that anyone can visit, you can create a private garden on your own lawn. Using some design tips can help you create a peaceful place that your family will love.

Pick a Location

Even though you know that you want to build the garden somewhere around your house, the location is more important than you might think. If you build it too close to your patio or door, you risk hearing your kids screaming and your spouse making a lot of noise while you sit down and try to reflect. The spot should be in a location that lets you think about your loved one without a lot of distractions getting in your way.

Decorate the Garden

The decorations that you use in the memorial garden should reflect on the person who passed away. If your mother loved hummingbirds, you can grow flowers that attract those birds to the garden. You can plant flowers in the colors of a beloved team or put down a stone with the logo of a favorite team in the center of the garden. With decorative rock in Las Vegas, memorial garden designers can add a touch of color that won’t overwhelm the space or the senses of those who visit.

Pay Your Respects

You can pay your respects in a few ways such as a plaque with the name and the birth date and death date of your loved one that you place in the garden. Some plaques come in sizes and designs that you can attach to a bench in the center of the garden too. No matter how you pay your respects, you can design and build a memorial garden on your own lawn in honor of someone in Las Vegas.