Nothing compares to an old fashioned fire when it comes to making a memorable backyard get together. But, whether you’re roasting hot dogs or simply sitting around telling stories, a safe, beautiful fire pit is a must. Read ahead to find out how to build your stone fire pit.

How to make a fire pit

1. Buying the right stone for the job

Once you’ve determined the shape, size, and location of your fire pit (being sure to take accurate measurements) it’s time to visit a local stone provider for material. It is worth it to pay a little more for pre-sorted stone because having stones of similar size, shape, and quality will simplify the construction process.

2. Preparing a foundation

Drive a straight stick or piece of rebar into the center of the proposed fire pit. Use a string cut to the length of the pit’s radius, mark (preferably with landscape spray paint) the outside of your pit. Excavate inside your markings to a depth of six inches. Refer to figure 1

Figure 1Figure 2

3. Marking the footing

Use a second piece of string cut to the inside radius of your pit (same length as before, minus the thickness of the fire pit’s walls) to mark out a smaller, inner circle. Refer to figure 2

4. Pouring a concrete footing

Excavate six inches deep between your circles and fill with premixed concrete to manufacturer specifications. This will give you a moat of concrete. While the concrete is still wet, drive several lengths of rebar around the fire pit’s circumference.

5. Laying a first layer of fire bricks

For an optimum fire pit, you will want an inner row of firebricks and an outer wall of face stones (these are the stones you will see as you sit around the fire). Build a wall of firebricks around the inside edge of your fire pit, using good masonry technique.

6.  Arranging the face stones and capstones

Once the safety wall of firebricks dries, carefully arrange your purchased face stones to minimize gaps and generously mortar. Mortar the even top of your firepit and place your finest face stones on the upper surface.

7. Treating your bricks

Once the fire pit has dried, clean the area of loose dust and concrete. The firebricks that will be facing the flames should be sprayed with black stove paint. This prevents potential damage to the masonry and further seals heat away from your facestones.


Follow these steps and you’re all set. Now, you have to decide on the best seating arrangement for fireside get-togethers. Use fire-resistant lawn furniture and remember to keep all potential fuel sources at a safe distance. With help picking out the right stones for your fire pit, call the best Las Vegas pavers at Parsons Rocks! We look forward to helping you with your project!