Landscaping rocks can add to the aesthetic appeal of the rest of your home’s outdoor features. Learn about the best colors of rocks to choose based upon the plants, outdoor features and the color of your home.

Three Popular Colors of Landscaping Rocks for Your Property

Landscaping rocks provide both aesthetic appeal and functionality to your property. They help to facilitate water drainage. They also help to keep weeds and pests at bay. When you are considering which type of landscape rocks to use on your property, keep these three colors in mind.

White Quartz

White rocks are one of the most popular color choices for a backyard or front yard landscape. These rocks are often made of quartz or another durable material that resists weathering. These landscaping rocks also resist fading. If they get dirty, they can easily be washed off. White also reflects sunlight and can help to keep the roots of sensitive plants cool when the sunshine is intense. These rocks are commonly used around patios and near the foundations of homes because of their reflective properties.

Red Lava Rocks

Red lava rocks are another popular choice for landscaping. The brownish red color of these rocks pairs well with succulents. This type of landscape rock is also popular for edging flowerbeds and for placing along sidewalks and the edges of concrete driveways. These rocks are resistant to fading. They are also light in weight, which makes them easy to place in the far away reaches of your property. These rocks have a natural look and easily blend in with the desert landscape.

Brown River Stones

Brown river stones are also a popular choice for landscaping a property. They can be used around flowerbeds and vegetable gardens to create a natural-looking border. They blend in with the soil. These rocks are also smooth and polished to be shiny. The smooth surfaces reflect the sunlight and do not get hot to the touch. These rocks come in a range of shades, including beige, tan and deeper colors. They may be dappled or streaked with small amounts of green, gray or black.