How to Choose the Perfect Landscape Rocks for Any Yard

Yard rocks come in many varieties. You can choose from dozens of colors, various smooth or rough textures and many different sizes. The wide selection can sometimes make choosing the perfect rocks a little difficult. This will help narrow down your selection so that you get the best rocks for your needs.

Walking and Texture

The first thing to consider is whether anyone will be walking on the exterior rocks. This is very important because it will determine which texture you should choose. For example, if people will be frequently walking around the area, then it would be best to choose smoother rocks that won’t hurt the feet or damage shoes. Rougher textures are better for driveways or sectioned areas.

Pathway and Centerpieces

Most landscape rocks in Las Vegas are on the smaller side because this helps to easily fill areas. Furthermore, the smaller decorating rocks are quite beautiful. If you’re looking for larger rocks, then there are two varieties to consider.

Flagstone rocks are large, flat stones used to build a pathway. Each stone is typically large enough to accommodate one or both feet, so use each as a stepping stone to get from one point to another. Then there are boulders. These are larger stones used as centerpieces throughout your yard. Use these to draw attention to specific areas, such as by trees or flowers.


What many people don’t know is that each landscape rock comes in three colors that change depending on their condition. A rock will look different if it’s dirty and dry, clean and wet or clean and dry. These three conditions will dramatically change the color. A rock that looked good initially might clash once it’s wet or dirty.

Before settling on a color, take a sample of the rock and see if any of these three conditions make it clash with your home. If so, then you may want to choose a different one.