Tips for Choosing Garden Rocks

Living in a desert climate limits the plants that you can grow and even the colors that you see on a daily basis. The hot and dry climate will keep some plants from thriving and may make your entire garden look brown and dull. Picking out some new rocks can protect your plants and bring in all the colors that you love. A Las Vegas landscaping professional can help you choose landscape rocks that will work best for your home.

Rock Colors

One of the first things you should consider is rock color. If you prefer more neutral colors and live in a classic southwest style home, shades of brown, tan and pale red are best for you. These rocks come directly from the desert and feature stripes and striations of other colors in each rock that can add an interesting look to your garden. You’ll also find options like desert champagne, which includes shades of gray, black and white.


Because landscaping rocks come in so many different sizes, you really need to think about the overall look that you hope to achieve. Larger stones that are roughly the same size as boulders are perfect for creating a statement piece in the center of your lawn. Rocks that are on the smaller side let you outline your flower beds and create a dividing line between your garden and the rest of the lawn. You can even use flatter stones to create retaining walls and pathways through your garden.

Mix and Match

The best thing about using natural rocks in your garden is that you can mix and match different types of stones for a custom look. You might use larger rocks in a darker shade to create a dramatic border around your garden and then line the flowers and plants in with smaller rocks in a softer shade. Working with a landscaping expert or a landscape artist is the best way to ensure that you pick out natural rocks that will work best in your garden.